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Introducing the Serial-ATA (SATA) Performance, Low Power, Form Factor Miniaturization and Cost Efficient Storage Solution

27th October 2011 13:54:16

OEMs are now looking for a storage solution that meets thin form factor requirements, supports diverse feature sets and also satisfies performance and power needs, while maintaining an affordable cost profile.

SanDisk U100 SSD meets challenging OEM size requirements, while delivering fast sequential/random performance and solid long-term data endurance1 that is also cost effective. It is rugged and reliable, light weight and delivers silent operation.

SanDisk U100 SSDs unique power management features enable OEMs to optimize battery life while still meeting demanding performance requirements evolving in the market. Take advantage of SSD performance while avoiding the power penalty typically associated with SATA operation. Factor in SanDisk U100 SSDs wide range of capacities (8 GB - 256 GB2), innovative form factors and competitive pricing and it makes an ideal storage choice for a variety of thin and mobile computing platforms.

Key Features
• nCache Acceleration Technology™3
• High SATA performance4: Up to Read/Write Sequential
  • 480/380 MB/s
• Low slumber mode power consumption: as low as 10 mW5
• Form factors: Half-Slim SATA, mSATA, mSATA mini, 2.5" Cased, SATA uSSD™
• Competitive Pricing
• Wide capacity offering: 8 GB- 256 GB2
• Improved user experience
  • Fast boot and applications launch time
  • Speedy browsing, emailing and social usage capabilities
  • Enhanced multi tasking capabilities • JEDEC-standard package and SATA uSSD™ form factor Standard

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SSDs in the Data Center

17th May 2011 10:00:47

The evolution of the data center is a key concern for the storage industry. IBM has taken a new tact with its SystemX solution that 1.6TB of solid state storage per exFlash pack. Maximum of 4.8TB of solid state storage in a SystemX chassis. To do this, they partnered with SMART Modular Technologies, You tube clip embedded below, if this is of interest to you
SMART MODULAR teams up with IBM You Tube clip

Eclypt Orion - Central Management Server

28th September 2010 14:56:57

Management Software for Eclypt devices and users

Eclypt Orion facilitates the following activities:

- Create and modify account policies
- Create, delete, change or suspend accounts
- Change or force user to change passwords
- Provide remote recovery passwords and reset locked out accounts
- Remote drive initialisation
- Configure single or multiple remote units
- Logging and audit
- Interface with Active Directory

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[New Arrival] Transcend Industrial Grade Flash Memory Cards CF200I Series -- TS2GCF200I / TS4GCF200I

13th July 2010 15:43:08

Transcends Industrial Grade CompactFlash cards are specifically designed for industrial and mission-critical applications. Built extra-rugged with excellent temperature flexibility, shock and vibration resistance, less power consumption, and higher error detection and correction capabilities, the CF200I CF cards provide industrial users with extra durability and reliability.
Thanks to its use of StaticDataRefresh technology, which monitors the error bit levels at each read operation, the CF200I Industrial CF cards can effectively correct data errors and extend the flash memory lifespan. For added value, Transcends CF200I cards support Flash Life Guard software, which gives a notification as the card approaches the end of its life cycle. With superb performance and compatibility, the CF200I cards are ideal for industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, and other industrial equipment.

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APRO launches BON Series high capacity, high performance and ruggedised SATA II 2.5 inch Solid State Drives

8th April 2010 17:02:57

- Includes highest capacity MLC NAND Flash SSD available today at 512 GBytes
- Also includes highest capacity SLC SSD available today at 256 GBytes
- Support for both Fast Erase and Secure Erase
- Ruggedised for industrial, mil/aero and transportation applications

Photocaption: APROs new BON Series high capacity, high performance and ruggedised SATA II 2.5 inch ruggedised Solid State Drives with Fast Erase support

Taipei, Taiwan - 8th March 2010.
APRO, Taiwans leading manufacturer of industrial-grade NAND Flash storage devices, has launched the BON Series of high capacity and high performance Serial ATA II (SATA II) Solid State Drives (SSDs) in a ruggedised 2.5 inch form factor.

The BON Series includes the highest capacity SATA II SLC (single level cell) NAND Flash SSD available today at 256 GBytes and also the highest capacity SATA II MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash SSD at 512 GBytes.

In addition, the BON Series SATA II SLC SSDs are also available in data capacities of 32 GBytes, 64 GBytes and 128 GBytes. All the drives are packaged in 2.5 inch form factor, ruggedised metal casings measuring 9.5mm high for all the drives except the 256 GByte drive which measures 15.3mm high. Ideally suited to embedded industrial, transportation, military and aerospace applications, the BON Series SATA II SSDs support Fast Erase of media data either by hardware trigger or by software ATA vendor code command across the entire range. Drives also supporting hardware and software triggered Secure Erase, particularly useful for military applications, will be available later in 2010.

The internal dual control RAID-0 design of the BON Series SATA II SSDs helps deliver their high performance, providing a maximum sequential read capability of 240 MBytes/sec with an average access time of 0.1ms and a maximum sequential write capability of 190 MBytes/sec. The BON Series SATA II SSDs are fully compliant with both the SATA 1.0a and 2.6 specifications supporting the required data throughput rates of 1.5 Gbits/sec and 3 Gbits/sec. The drives weigh just 115g.

The BON Series SATA II SSDs provide an extended operational temperature range of -40

SanDisk G3 SSD Family

29th April 2009 14:17:31

SanDisk G3 SSDs means Greater Speed:
Users of PC applications equipped with SanDisk G3 SSDs will notice the significant difference from the moment they power up their machines. The great speed manifests itself in a number of ways: Reading and writing data, booting the operating system and launching applications. Not only do users of laptops with SanDisk G3 SSDs get started faster, they keep going in the same way. SanDisk G3 SSDs stand to get five times as fast as the fastest 7,200 RPM HDDs, clocking in at up to 40,000 vRPM(2,5) and anticipated sequential performance of 200MB/s read and 140MB/s write4. Three key features developed by SanDisk enable this exciting performance: ExtremeFFSTM, a new SSD algorithm, allows random write performance to potentially improve by as much as 100 times over conventional algorithms; reliable 43nm multi-level cell (MLC) all bit-line (ABL) NAND flash; and SanDisks new SSD controller, which ties together the NAND and the algorithm.

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