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SanDisk X110 SSD - Introducing SATA 6Gb/s high performance, reliable, and low power for an enhanced user experience.

19th April 2013 15:15:51

SanDisk X110 Key Features:
- SATA 6Gb/s compliant; backwards compliant to SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s
- ATA command set ACS-2
- NCQ support up to queue depth = 32
- Support for TRIM
- S.M.A.R.T. feature supported
- Advanced Flash Management:
- nCache Non volatile write cache
- Dynamic and static wear-leveling
- Bad block management
- Background garbage collection
- Advanced features:
- Tiered caching volatile and nonvolatile cache
- Supports multi stream
- Minimal write amplification - increases endurance and performance
- Support for thermal throttling
- Windows 8 WHCK Certified

SanDisk X110 SSD - Introducing SATA 6Gb/s high performance, reliable, and low power for an enhanced user experience. With SanDisk X110 SSDs, OEMs can deliver what buyers want: blazing-fast performance in thin and light form factors with advanced power management. These multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash drives are suited for both primary storage solutions and dual-drive caching designs.

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WinMagic Software Encryption

10th September 2009 11:22:54

WinMagic standards-based approach to an Endpoint Encryption Suite:

Easily deploy and manage encryption for a few users or thousands of users from a single administration interface.

Ensure strong authentication with an industry-leading roster of integrations including smart cards, tokens, PKI and biometrics.

Protect data and ensure regulatory compliance through solutions with the highest levels of certification in the market.

Smart Modular / Adtron Industrial

21st August 2009 12:04:20

SMART Modular / Adtron have been designing and building solid state drives for over 10 years. Our solid state storage products are designed for business- and mission-critical applications where everyday storage products just wont work.

Adtron SSDs are optimized for defense, aerospace and other applications requiring durable, rugged and secure storage. Adtron EraSure technology complies with current defense data elimination standards, providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques, including IRIG 106-07.

When you need dependable solid state storage, you can depend on SMART / Adtron.

Stonewood Secret Encrypted Disk Drives in Baseline, Baseline Plus & Enhanced

21st August 2009 11:59:12

Reactive now supply Baseline, Baseline Plus & Enhanced options of the Corporate & Freedom models.

Eclypt represents the next generation of FlagStone hardware encrypted hard drives.

The new drives come with an array of new and improved features making it even more user-friendly and flexible to suit each and every individual organisation, without compromising the level of data protection.

NEW - Transcend Industrial Product Solutions

21st August 2009 11:48:49

Transcend is a highly professional and innovative company that is committed to total customer satisfaction.

Reactives connection directly into Transcends technical expertise and global resources ensure that we are well prepared to meet all potential challenges and achieve excellence by Exceeding Your Expectations.

Our brilliantly skilled and experienced R&D teams, highly qualified experts, key partnerships with industry leaders, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, absolute quality control and ample production capacity will ensure you receive the very best service. Our exceptional expertise and substantial resources will provide our OEM customers with the very highest quality of products and services.

SanDisk G3 SSD Family Discontinued

21st August 2009 11:44:42

Please note that the production of the SanDisk G3 SSD has discontinued so we will no longer be providing this item.

For alternative Solid State Drives to suit your business requirements please call our Specialists on: +44 (0) 1189 323499.

RamSan 620

29th April 2009 14:13:54

The RamSan-620 is a rack-mounted SLC NAND Flash SSD that provides plenty of shareable, high performance storage for IT organizations that need to respond to the growing storage and performance needs of their users and applications. It is a greener, more efficient alternative to hard disk drive-based systems. The RamSan-620 has extremely low latency and delivers 250,000 IOPS of sustained performance, compared to the 300 IOPS that a high end mechanical disk drive can achieve. SLC Flash and innovative controller designs give the RamSan-620 enterprise reliability and data protection.

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Floppy Drive Emulation Systems

11th March 2009 14:56:54

The Reactive 18-in-1 USB Media Drive is a space-saving solution for various multimedia cards and floppy disks, right in your PC.
The drive can be simply connected to the standard floppy interface of your PC and is recognised by your computer as a further drive. Use the 18-in-1 USB 2.0 Media Drive just like you would a normal hard disk for data, photos, MP3s and much, much more.
Not only will you be able to read and write floppy disks and memory cards, you will also be able to directly transfer data between floppy disks and memory cards.

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